• identifying your aptitudes & strengths

  • discovering your intrinsic motivators

  • creating your roadmaps to opportunities

  • developing a clearer sense of direction

  • navigating your journey purposefully


Dust To Daylight will connect you to assessment tools and hands-on projects which will stimulate, encourage, and challenge you to deeper awareness of who you are and who you can become.


Dust to Daylight exists to cultivate and promote prosocial character traits in our community, especially among teens and young adults. We believe the most effective approach to accomplishing this goal is by nurturing development of intrinsic motivation for pursuing a better life. That journey begins with acknowledging each individual’s profound value as a unique human being with innate strengths, immense potential, and - yes - personal challenges.


Dust to Daylight exists partly because we are appalled by the high truancy rate and disengagement from learning too many students in our community schools exhibit. Too many who regularly attend school frequently appear unmotivated and uninspired.  


One of our tools, The Project Wayfinder curriculum, was designed at Stanford University’s d. school to address this critical problem. Our objectives are to help participants develop and deepen awareness of their innate values, interests and skills, heighten consciousness of problems they want solved in their community, and discover how these subsets of knowledge may intersect to foster creative thinking, collaboration, deeper engagement, communication, and problem-solving skills.


This “wayfinding” process is powered by experiential learning. It is informed by design thinking methodology, social-emotional learning influences, and project-based learning. Since we all know how we feel (even if we cannot correctly label it), regular reflection and conversational debriefings after projects draw out insights which may otherwise remain submerged, distilling additional value from the experiences. Gleaning and combining information from experiences and projects is how you build a wayfinder compass. It is 21st Century learning.


We facilitate these "self-discovery" exercises and use Motivational Interviewing conversations to stimulate further the blooming of the type of skills the Partnership for 21st Century Learning identify as some of the core competencies necessary for navigating the “increasingly complex life and work environments in today’s world.” 



 We serve individuals, small groups, organizations, and schools.



Have you ever used the metaphor, “Life is a journey”? If you have either used it or heard it, you may understand why this could be the quintessential metaphor to illustrate universally our experience of life’s developmental stages, challenges, and opportunities as we journey from birth onward. 

As on any journey, having a guide or a map can be very useful in finding our way through life. Yet each of us is unique. The variables we confront also aggregate uniquely. How, then, can a guide or map serve us best?

Project Wayfinder teaches participants the art of constructing their own map through discovering and assessing the features of their external and internal environments. As you navigate the trail of life you’re creating, you investigate and analyze the following:

  • What has shaped your story up to this point?

  • What concerns or needs do you care most about?

  • What do you want to see more of in the world?

  • Where do you want to go?

  • How can you identify and use your resources?

  • What obstacles do you see?

  • How can you use what you have now to build your path?

  • What problem would you like to solve most? Why?