How We Do It


Meaning in our lives is an outgrowth of what matters deeply to us. What matters deeply to us impels us purposefully forward through life’s inevitable challenges.

Dust To Daylight’s facilitation services work toward the following goals:


  • Goal 1 – Help participants identify their strengths, skills, and values

  • Goal 2 – Help participants identify issues and needs they are passionate about

  • Goal 3 – Help participants develop projects which meet community needs

  • Goal 4 – Help participants build a personal portfolio of their skills, values, projects, and accomplishments

  • Goal 5 – Help participants find resources to assist development


Purpose amongst teens has been shown to facilitate identity formation, increase positive attitudes towards diversity, attenuate antisocial behavior and bullying, decrease engagement in risky behaviors, and increase academic engagement. Furthermore, interventions to promote purposeful behavior have been found to lead to significant increases in grade point averages. But purpose isn’t just important for young people. Adults with a purpose in life report higher levels of psychological well-being, flourishing, hope, resilience and life satisfaction.”    Source:



Each participant will be provided a Wayfinder Toolkit. Guided use of this core resource and additional materials provided by the facilitator will lead participants to identify and develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to navigate their lives with greater purpose and direction. They will develop the intrinsic motivation to pursue a personally meaningful future.

The Wayfinder Toolkit lessons contain elements of project-based learning, design thinking, and social emotional learning. Each hour-long session presents an experiential activity, personal reflection, group discussion, and a real world social experiment. A complete regimen consists of at least 24 sessions of activities and discoveries. 

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Outcome Based Metrics Available

Dust To Daylight can collaborate with partners to offer a customized interactive platform for measuring selected criteria and objectives.